Near Famous

Photography by Charles W. Melton
Nature Photography


Ash Canyon Bed and Breakfast - a must visit location in southeast Arizona for hummingbirds and other birds. A Plain-capped Starthroat spent the summers of 2002 and 2003 here. Fifteen species of hummingbirds have been seen here.

Battiste Bed, Breakfast and Birds - a new B&B at the entrance of Miller Canyon in southeastern Arizona. Lovely yard viewing area and nesting Elf Owls on the property.

Hummer/Bird Study Group, Inc. – an organization founded by Bob and Martha Sargent dedicated to the study and preservation of hummingbirds and other Neotropical migrants.

Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory (SABO) - an organization dedicated to the conservation of the birds of southeastern Arizona and their habitats. Banning Creek Field Station near Bisbee, AZ is open for visitors. Excellent viewing area for hummingbirds and other birds.

The Hummingbird Society – an organization promoting the understanding and conservation of hummingbirds.

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